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Ambulance Project India​


Covid-19 Crisis

Most of the people are dying in India due to the lack of oxygen and lack of oxygen-supported medical transportation. We also see an alarming rate of loved ones struggling to carry the dead bodies to the burial grounds for honoring their loved ones and doing their final rites.

Why? 1.36 Billion People

The need for oxygen has reached an alarming rate due to the rise of the new Indian double mutant stain or variants of COVID-19. The reported death has grown 2000% and the daily cases surpass 100,000 marks in India. India with 1.36 billion people, became the next epicenter of Covid-19 with 28.2 million infected cases as of today (June 01, 2021).

People in India are not getting enough oxygen or ambulance services to take the sick and dead bodies to the Hospital/ Cemetery/Funeral grounds. It is painful to see people carrying the dead bodies on their shoulders and walking miles, or bicycle or on a motorcycle of their loved ones without any help. An ambulance service can help people in need and it will be a self-sustaining mission project.

Your help 100% tax exempted will go a long way in making an impact for many years. I personally worked in the Indian mission field for over a decade as a cross-cultural missionary, church planter, pastoral counselor, and seminary professor. This needy mission project provides a job for a full-time driver and the ambulance equipped with oxygen supply will help people and saves lives along with easing their burden to take their loved ones dead bodies to the burial grounds to offer their final rights. Help us to help the needy at this time!

Ambulance Project India

"I am overwhelmingly sad and my heart aches for my people. I wanted to help but my hands are too short. Can I rely on your generous help? Your generosity will save lives."
Dr.Binu Peniel
Lead Pastor